Monday, April 20, 2009

time to exercise???

The thought of exercising makes me tired :) although I always feel better once I leave the's the getting there that's the hard part! PLUS, MOST GYMS ARE FULL OF PEOPLE WHO DON'T LOOK LIKE THEY NEED T BE THERE. I guess that's the whole point of it-if you go on a regular basis-that's what will happen to your body. Eating better is only half of it.'s time to get serious and find a place to work out. I would really rather take my bike to the lake and ride, but I know that I need more than that. Besides, there's only 6 weeks left in the contest and I intend to win! I guess it's more than just that-although I do have a very competitive streak in me :) I really do feel so much better-but when I think of how great I will look and feel 6 weeks from now I get pretty excited about it. It's been a long time since I could actually feel comfortable wearing form fitting clothes. Why is it that when we gain weight we wear clothes that are even bigger? For one thing, it makes us look even BIGGER and another, we end up fitting into those clothes cause there's room to grow-talk about self-defeating behavior!!!!! There's an article coming out next week about the weight-loss clinic and Dr. Casad (the medical director) that interviewed me-they put the day 1 photo and the day 45 photo-OG did I realy look like that 2 months ago???? UGH. Oh well, I don't look like that now :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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