Sunday, April 19, 2009

25 down-25 to go!

The smell of fresh pizza slowly fills the room with a wonderful sensation of goodness. My stomach revolts and my legs are leading me to the kitchen-but I CAN"T DO IT! I have come this far and I already ate mexican food yesterday :(. It never really seems worth it after I'm done.....Tomorrow I am going to put myself back on day 1 of the program. My BFF is starting the program and I have slacked off somewhat, so this will be a great time to jump start myself again. Plus, I am going to go back to the gym Y E A H!!! Funy how it takes so long to get in the habit of something good like the gym and only a few days to break it! Of course I want to win the contest so Brandy will have to dress up and we can all laugh and have fun at her silly expense (sorry brandy), but I also love the feeling of piling up a load of jeans and slacks to give away cause they are too big for me now! Oh yeah, there's the whole health thing-but honestly, that isnt what makes me do this day after day-I want to look good and in doing so-I feel good. I know I will be happy about being healthier-but right now I am just not there yet-I am in the superficial arena and I' OK with that-if that's what it takes for me to be healthier-so be it!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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