Saturday, April 25, 2009


I never thought a "diet" would do me any good-will power is just not my thing when it comes to good food. Food is the center of a number of things we do-celebrate everything from birth to death...I just happen to like food-not like I gorge or anything, you just don't realize how many calories and how much fat you consume while you are having happy hour and hanging out with friends. You have to have chips n salsa with your mojito don't you know, and then you might as well have some queso and guacamole to go with that, right?! Low Carb has never been a good idea for me-or so i thought..I figured it was just a way to set myself up for failure.
Something happened today-I went to go put o a pair of slacks and couldn't find a pair to fit! that's how long it's been since I have beeen at this size-everything is too big :) I jumped on the dea of a nice suit-after all a year ago a got a number of them too small on purpose so that "someday" I would be able to wear them-THEY ARE TOO BIG!
so now I am actually wearing a decent size but don't have a thing to wear-LOL
I started down this path as an experiment, to check out a product I didn't know or necessarily think wold work as good as the claim.....pretty hard to lok at al the clothes o the floor and not believe this thing works :)

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