Monday, May 4, 2009

back pain

Tried to lift a box and KILLED my back! ARGH-just when I was finally getting back in the gym. Guess this is a good lesson in just taking a day off to take care of myself-when was the last time I did that!???!
Funny how I seem to be the one that always takes care of everyone else. I guess I tend to like it that way-but every once in a awhile I like to be the one being taken care of-not very often though-would rather be the care giver. Just need to learn to balance myself better so that I am not completely maxed out with the giving before I take time to allow myself to receive.
Worried about AM taking this trip to Zambia...she has a heart for this though so I have to have a lot more faith and know that she is doing what she is called to do...
hope this trip helps her to decide what she needs to concentrate on in college-she stresses about that-talk about having too many talents-so people may see that as a gift or a curse who knows...the curse comes in not knowing what to do with the whom much is given, much is expected

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