Saturday, February 28, 2009

week 2

week 2 has more things to eat and for some reason i have the munchies now more than ever! i wish it were going to be warm soon. hopefully tomorrow will be nice enough to walk down to the lake.
i thought about going for a walk AROUND the lake and then I realized....what am I going to do when I get half way around and can't go any more? call jacob? call vanessa? jim? daniel? way! they would get way too much of a laugh out of that. i would be picked up but the laughter would be heard all the way to ft.worth!
for now i will just walk TO the lake and maybe go a little way and then turn around. OMG i have completely let myself go-oh well, no sense in focusing on that-nothing i can do about the past expect talk about it over a bottle of wine (3 months from now when i can have wine again!) lol

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