Friday, February 20, 2009

first appointment

Initial appointment at the clinic yesterday. Everyone was VERY friendly. I think I spent more time talking to both the staff and the doctor herself more than I have my own primary care physician in the last five years! They actually took the time to listen the the answers to the questions they posed to me. Novel idea. Program seems manageable enough to follow.
I really wasn't sure if it would actually make a difference to me whether or not there was an actual doctor runing the clinic-suprisingly, it did. I have been on thyroid medicine for about two years now, but never realy had a discussion of much substance with my doctor about it--what it was supposed to do, what I should expect to feel, etc. Dr. Lopez actually talked with me about what thyroid disease is and what my current medicine is designed to do. We even discussed other options in medicines. Not the end or beginning of the world, but definitly a point of diferentiation. I guess maybe it does matter that there is a doctor running the clininc. No firm decision on that yet, just thoughts.

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