Friday, February 20, 2009


Cleansing of the body, mind, soul and everything else that gets in the way!
Not sure if it was the SHOCK of the little amount of food I was allowed to eat for the day;
the fact that I had to ride clear across town in the brighest orange car covered in bumber stickers and slogans OR
the number on the scale when I did my initial weigh in!
hmmm riding in Brandy's car (pics tto follow this week) or seeing that I weigh more than I did when I was two weeks overdue and walked into the hospital to give birth to my son! wow-that's a tough one to pick :) I think the shock of the scale topped the day.
This is going to change more than just the number on the scale- I can feel it already....a cleansing of my living space, both within and on the surface....
Stretched out on the bed I could feel a shift, a visual cue of things to come-not the picture I had been trying to paint-but a work of art none-the-less. A little scary. A little unpredictable. A little exciting.

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