Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Weightloss Journey Begins

Who am I beyond the surface? There is a widely held perception that the package tells all. What do you see when you look at me? Who do I see when I look at me? Do we see the same thing? Is it the years creeping up? Is it the education and resume? Does any of that matter at all?
We have a predefined sense of beauty. In some ways we are much like the rest of the world-but in many ways we are not. We have a superficial view of the things we see. That is not necessarily a bad thing.
I have embarked on a new journey. After the past year of deceit from a business partner I have begun to look at what I see when I make contact with another. I am not talking about a "Blink" factor here-rather, something more, something deeper. (no offense to a master of the art of marketing and business).
This is my journey of weightloss, and hopefully something so much more.
If you want to join the contest-or just follow along on the daily work you can also find me on facebook: cassaundra stjohn

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