Thursday, May 14, 2009

who is encouraging whom?

I find myself in a position of encouraging others. It's pretty much always been this way. I love to find something in another person that I think is amazing and really special. I love it even more when I can be a mirror for that person and let them see what I see. To be able to see beyond the surface is a gift. We all have that gift as children. Somewhere along the way we often lose it. We learn to filter our thoughts and insights to conform.
I feel blessed in many ways and one of them is my child-like ability to see. See things that should be obvious to everyone & see things that no-one else can see for whatever reason. Sometimes that ability is a curse. People don't always want to know what lies ahead, or is in their very current existence. The key to using the gift is knowing delivery-method and timing. I continue everyday to learn more and get better at-delivery.
Delivering encouragement is so satisfying. I get encouraged every time I am able to encourage another person-the look on their face, the spring in their step-it makes all the normal crap of everyday go away-if only for a moment.
I hold onto the moments-they are a gift.

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