Tuesday, May 26, 2009

final stretch

well the final stretch is upon us and although I have had a few weeks where things didn't go exactly as planned-I am still 36 lbs, 8 inches in waist, 10 inches in hips and 3.5 sizes smaller than when I started so no matter what the results in a couple of weeks, I have achieved a lot and when it comes down to it- I just FEEL better. I love trying on a pair of pants that I bought on sale cause they were cute (but two or three sizes too small) and have them be too big! It has cleaned out my closet and I am down to just about nothing to wear-but I will take that problem from the smaller size any day!
It's funny how we immediately get rid of our fat clothes-but we always hold onto our skinny clothes! This is great-I don't even have any clothes that are the size I am getting in to!
Other than just the outside-which I am NOT minimizing-it is VERY important-anyone who says it isn't important at all is lying!
I just feel better inside-physically and psychologically. Even when I do have something like a three-day weekend that is centered around eating, I don't feel quite as bad-knowing I am not going to gorge and also knowing even if I do eat more than I should (which I am much more aware of now) I have a system to get myself back on path and it is easy to do that-
ramblings after a great Memorial Day weekend with family and friends-and plenty of BBQ!

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