Sunday, April 5, 2009

week 6

well i essentially stayed the same-actually i gained some last week and lost it this week so i thought i was down 24 lbs but i was actually down 20-so oh well. i did cheat a bit and the stress of denise dying took a toll on me this past week. but she made sure to encourage me everyday-the same way she did 15 yrs ago when i first started college-so this week's for her. i will be back on track and now have more reason than ever to do all i can to take care of myself. life stills throws us curves but i don't want to accelerate anything that i may be able to prevent.
seeing her kids at the chapel was hard-not only for their sorrow but for all the years in between that we all lost. no more putting off until tomorrow.
take time to go have lunch with a friend. no matter how tired you are-or how bad your day has been-it's important to take today and get everything out of it that you can. we are not promised tomorrow.


  1. You're looking awesome!!! Keep up the good work :) Bern

  2. Live for today, for tomorrow may never come. :-) love you mom! keep it up. i'm here with ya the whole way! -Danny