Wednesday, March 4, 2009

W2 D6

missed a few days trying to get a schedule set-added going to the gym-first day was great! felt so energized after :) second day was pretty good but today was the third day and I can definitly fel it.
I don't feel my mood swings as much as the people around me seem to see them. Have to work on that.
My daughter thinks I'm a little crazy to be doing this "in public". Maybe I am. This is becoming more than just a test to see if this MEDI program works. It has brought to the surface many things: personal, spiritual, professional, physical....
I used to spend time in my professional life working hard to make other people look good. Taking second chair seemed to be OK for me. Sitting in a meeting letting someone present MY work. Every good organization needs a good second in command, but to stand in the shadows when I know I need to be out front is an injustice to myself and to the group with whom I am working.

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