Saturday, March 28, 2009

looking otside of ourselves

part of being healthy is remembering that we need to be looking outside ourselves at others who have needs we can help with..i am very proud of my daughter for being selected to be a part of project nambia 09 (see the group on Facebook). a friend of mine has been talking some lately about heart health ( the emotional heart) and it makes a lot of sense. if we have ugliness and bitternes inside then no matter what we do to the outside we are still increasing our negative health risks. we are human and we have many shortcomings, but to ignore them is dangerous. this nation elected a president that stood on a platform of change and regardless of whether or not you, i or we disagree with anything else he says-one thing is sure: we need to make some radical changes and the only way to do that in a real and meaningful way is to change ourselves. make amends with someone, change an attitude we have, whatever it is-if we all make some change, if we reach out to others, from our neighbor to a stranger in a distant land-only then we will be who we were intended to be!

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