Saturday, February 21, 2009

end of day 2

ARGH! I made egg rolls for everyone-what the heck was I thinking? OMG- I wasn't even hungry before that-but after-----
I need to make arrangements with everyone in the house to fix meals and eat on their own-at least for a while until I can get past a certain point.
Getting away from the city for a while sounds like a great idea right now. Spiritual Shannon and I were talking about giving ourselves and some friends a "women only camp week". I think nothing could be better right about now.
Oh no-I just thought of something-a week away with a bunch of friends means lots of wine and or other tasty beverages and late night talks. I wonder if I will be able to drink wine or other worthwhile relaxing drinks by the time we go?!!! Hmm..this may put a wrench in things.
Well I just need to make sure that I am ahead of the curve by the time we go so that I can "relax" a little :)